Do You Need Seattle Apartment Management?

Being a landlord is stressful, especially if you own a residential rental property. The constant stream of tenants moving in and moving out, the headaches of home repairs, and the upkeep and maintenance that has to be done regularly are just a few of the many headaches multi-unit home and apartment owners have to deal with. Do you need Seattle apartment management? Its not that we think you can’t do it yourself. Of course you can. The question is whether you want to, or even better, is it worth your time to? The hours in your day are all worth something. Are you wasting them?

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You’ve Come to the Right Place to Find Investment Property Listings Seattle

So you want to buy an investment property? Do you have any idea at all about how to go about doing it? You’ll first need to find the investment property listings Seattle speculators have deemed worthwhile. Not all of them are a good investment. If you haven’t done this before or if it’s been a while, you might want to hire a professional to help you out. That’s what we do here at the Foundation Group. We can take you from the listing to the final sale and help you make the decisions that will result in a profitable investment for you. That’s something that is no longer a guarantee in real estate.

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Commercial Property Management Seattle Investors Can Count On

The game has changed. If you haven’t been paying attention, you’re probably wondering why you’re taking losses when real estate is always supposed to go up. Do you still think you can handle a property investment on your own? In this current economic climate you can use all the help you can get. The simple decision of “Buy Low, Sell High” isn’t so simple anymore. Recent history has taught us that. It’s likely that property values will go up, but it’s no longer guaranteed. We offer the commercial property management Seattle investors can count on.

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Tenant & Landlord Safety Issues

Most business owners are very aware of potential health and safety issues.  Barely a day goes by where a story does not appear on the news or in the paper that details a serious injury suffered by a customer or employee while on the job.  Business owners usually are very careful about the insurance they carry and the issues at their companies that may cause injuries.  They live with visits from OSHA, insurance companies, and other inspection authorities and are consistently reminded to correct issues that may be a potential cause of injury.

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Apartment Management In Difficult Economic Times

Welcome to 2010! Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday we were all concerned that the arrival of 2000 would wreak havoc with our computers and our banking systems. What a difference ten years makes. We did end up in trouble however it turned out to be man-made, not a computer glitch.

Yes we have all gone back and kicked ourselves for not doing something different with our investments.

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The Benefits of DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts), TICs and Real Estate Investments

Accredited investors throughout the country have lost significant wealth from their personal and retirement accounts and many have seen their retirement income evaporate.  Decades of planning have been derailed and for some their very lifestyles on the verge of collapse.  Depressed by their loss of wealth and income we have seen investors flee to cash and are sitting on the sidelines, passively waiting for the economy to recover.  Unfortunately, this is an emotional response which will do little to improve their situation and many will likely miss a good deal of the recovery.

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Opportunities Abound for Real Estate Investors

There may never be a better time to buy real estate.

Real estate values have dropped in all asset classes and well located performing properties can now be purchased in the Seattle metropolitan area for prices not seen in decades.  In spite of the current economic ups and downs, investment real estate remains one of the brightest long term investments for growth and cash flow.

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Ways to BULLETPROOF Your Rentals!

I guess the first disclosure I should make is there is no way to make any rental bulletproof.  There are however a number of things that an owner can to maximize the financial performance of their rental properties.

Start with the basics!  Perhaps the most overlooked items by rental owners are some of the very basics of any property ownership.

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Management Technology – Use it or lose it!

Without giving my age away, I can vividly remember the time when in order to copy a document, you had to use carbon paper.  If you wanted to copy a document for distribution to building tenants, there was a strange machine called a mimeograph that required you type the document onto a special paper, install it on a machine with a large ink drum, and crank a handle that would mysteriously produce a copy of the document onto sheets of blank paper as the handle was cranked.

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